Street Youth Ministries (SYM) is a non-profit, faith based organization serving homeless and at risk youth ages 13-26 in the Seattle area.



In May of 1993, a group of individuals and churches recognized the growing problem of youth homelessness in Seattle’s University District and formed a partnership to address the issue. Today SYM is committed to building relationships with youth in order to support their journey off the streets and toward restoration.



To provide youth in Seattle’s University District with life-skills, resources and relationships that bring hope and healing to their lives and the community.  


Believing that God brings hope in the midst of relationships, our great hope is for true healing and restoration for every young person. Debilitated people get fresh starts at Street Youth Ministries. 



BUILDING personal relationships. We learn youth names, their unique stories and care for them accordingly.

TEACHING young people how to do life. We give them opportunities to practice basic skills, enjoy adventures that expand their worldview, and walk with them as they grow and become independent.

RESTORING their sense of self-worth. We stick with them in spite of the roads they choose on their journeys. We grieve with them when they fail and delight in them when they succeed. We tell them often that they are worth a different life.


SYM is a faith-based organization. The work we do is motivated by our faith in Jesus Christ, but our services do not require any youth to embrace a particular belief system.



Street Youth Ministries is a member agency of
the University District Service Provider's Alliance (UDSPA), a coalition of nonprofits working together to provide a full range of services and support to Seattle's homeless and street-involved youth and young adults.

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